WandaVision: Finale-Theories

Here are some of the theories we collected from the Finale of the Marvel show, WandaVision that are certainly interesting:

In the movie Doctor Strange (2019), we saw that Kaecilius stole pages from one of the books which are reserved for the Sorcerer Supreme. The practices and spells in the Darkhold most definitely sound like they would be considered forbidden.

There is no real mention of the book in the movie, but in the finale of the Marvel show WandaVision, Wanda is seen studying the Darkhold in her Astral Form in a suspiciously similar way as Dr. Strange studied.

In the same episode, Wanda hears her children, Tommy and Billy, yell for her help, sounding like they were trapped, which signals to the fact that the two kids might be alive in another dimension or world out there.

In the finale episode of WandaVision, Agatha mentions while, reading the Darkhold, that the Scarlet Witch is forged and not born. She says that the Scarlet Witch holds more power than the Sorcerer Supreme and that it is her destiny to end the world.

While trying to save her children, Wanda just might become the villain. In the upcoming and awaited sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness, the “friend turned enemy” mentioned in the Doctor Strange (2019) might turn out to be our beloved Scarlet Witch instead of the hugely theorized Karl Mondo who betrayed Strange in the near end of the movie.

The Sorcerer Supreme, Stephan Strange might be the only one powerful enough to stop Wanda, which will be definitely interesting to watch.

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