Every festival brings undiluted amounts of joy to us because they are the time of celebrations and enjoyment but none of them get us as excited as Holi. The prospect of smearing colours, the kaleidoscope of bright pigmentation all around us gives us a sense of exuberance and animation.

India being such a diverse nation obviously has various variations of the standard holi that we play in different places and that's what makes us so unique, we bring diversity in each and every aspect of our nation. Here we have brought out some of the most famous and interesting celebrations from across our subcontinent.

Lathmar Holi, Uttar pradesh

The tradition has been followed from the time of Lord Krishna. Krishna was a prankster, he loved smearing colours and teasing Gopis. Piqued by the ruckus created by these lads, Gopis used to pick bamboo sticks to hit Krishna and his gang and to scare them. Even today men from Nandgaon visit Barsana to play Holi with women, all in good-hearted spirit, albeit. The women respond by beating with sticks.

Phoolon Ki Holi, Vrindavan

Phoolon ki Holi is played with petals of fresh flowers in Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan with great fervour by the Krishna disciples. The exquisiteness lies in the ambiance that’s filled with fragrance and flowers, the scenic vista takes you to a different world. Unlike, usual Holi festival which is played with colours and water, Phoolon ki Holi is more about connecting with the God of love and joy by showering him with flowers.

Basant Utsav, West Bengal

Marked as the birth anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Holi has this special significance in West Bengal. The land of writers and scholars celebrates the festival of colours with songs, dance, and chanting hymns in the University at Shantiniketan, Kolkata which was founded by the legend Rabindra Nath Tagore. Here Holi is celebrated with a sense of calmness and subdued excitement.

Hola Mohalla, Punjab

Glorified by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, Hola Mohalla is a festival that is out of the ordinary and celebrated one day after Holi.Giving tribute to the mettle and valour of the Sikh warriors it is celebrated as an event that exhibits martial arts, stunts, and mock fights followed by the usual tradition of playing with colours in the evening. This festival attracts thousands of devotees and many sleep outside the gurdwara in makeshift tents. There is a massive arrangement for langar that is served in the Gurudwara all throughout the day.

Manjul Kuli, Kerala

A mellow celebration in Kerala, Holi here is known as Manjul Kuli. People visit Gosripuram Thiruma’s Konkani temple on the first day whilst on the preceding day they play Holi with water and turmeric, ditching the colours completely. The festival of colours is celebrated by singing traditional folk songs which indeed are graceful and serene.

Shigmo, Goa

Every festival is a carnival in Goa and Holi In Goa is no exception. Holi, known as Shigmo is celebrated with a massive procession on the streets in Panjim. These include performances by dance troupes and cultural depiction of mythological tales in short plays by the artists. People of Goa decorate their boats with mythological themes to add charm to this lively festival.

Yosang, Manipur

Unique as its name, Yosang is a Holi in Manipur. It's a five-day festivity and begins with paying tribute to Pakhangba, the God. After the sun goes down people gather to burn the hut and thereafter the kids in the village visit the neighbourhood to collect donations. On the second and third day, local bands perform in the temples whilst girls seek donations. The last two days are when they play with colours and water leaving colourful traces in the hearts of people.

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