It has long been established that Marvel trailers are highly misleading. It is no surprise to MCU fans when something that isn't in the trailer shows up in the movie. It has always been subtly hidden in the trailers, so much so that most people are not able to identify but not eagle eyed fans.

Major Marvel movie spoilers have been hidden from the trailer like in the Endgame trailer Hulk was cut out of the Time travel scene because then it was not known that he had harnessed the powers of Hulk permanently and kind of merged with him, in the trailer for no way home during the frame of the final battle scene, the spideys of Tobey and Andrew were cut out. While all of the fans are grateful for not spoiling such big moments we can't help but try to find such moments in the trailers.

For the latest Thor love and thunder trailer fans noticed that the scene where Thor bids goodbye to the Guardians is a bit weird. The Guardians are flying out in their ship and in a still we see Thor and Korg waving bye but the space next to Thor is empty as if something or someone has been removed from it.

Obviously these are only speculations but fans are all caught up in their theories of who the figure could be. For example someone expressed their theory of the figure being that of Loki. As we know the Loki of 2012 after taking the Tesseract had ended up in the TVA. So maybe he has returned to Thor.

However fans couldn't help but include a few others too:

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