For those who do not know, House of M was a comic published in 2005 which focused on Wanda along with the X-Men and the Avengers. In the comic, she discovers that her kids Billy and Tommy were taken from her similar to what happens in WandaVision.

Worse, it turns out her memories were purposefully warped and that Professor X had been manipulating her powers. This discovery, burdened by a few more traumatic events, leads Wanda to creating an alternate reality and robbing most mutants of their powers when she says, “No more mutants.”

This comic book incident becomes important because according to several fans, the House of M may have already taken place in the MCU and the multiverse of madness may consist of a chain of events happening as a reaction to it. This theory is catalysed by the appearance of Charles Xavier in the trailer and then Wanda's twins, Tommy and Billy as they are the two queens of the theory.

It has been speculated that Professor X may be holding her children captive in a multiversal dimension or cell and that they indeed are alive and real. Whatever it is, the theories are now stronger than ever. Moreover since house of M is a much loved comic, it is quite a possibility that Sam Raimi may include its events in the movie. Whatever it may be, Multiverse of Madness is a movie that has got us on our toes and we couldn't be more excited.!!!!

Multiverse of Madness coming in cinemas on May 6.

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