MoonKnight is a marvel series based on the MoonKnight character from Marvel comics. It follows the story of a quiet and ordinary gift shopist Steven Grant who discovers that he shares his body with that of a Mercenary.


In the last episode we saw that Marc had reached Egypt, following Harrow after losing the scarab to him, who is all set to uncover Ammit's tomb. Khoshu realising the dangers and the risks calls for a meeting with the gods in order to prove Harrow's evil plans but Harrow denies all accusations and instead accuses Khonshu for forcibly making a weak man as his avatar.

So even the gods dismiss the meeting with a last warning to Khoshu but one of them tips Marc off with a way to find Ammit's tomb. Marc meets up with Layla who faked a passport to come to Egypt and we are indicated throughout the episode that there seems to be some bad blood between Layla and a few of the local people of Egypt.

So in order to get the location they meet up with Mogart, an acquaintance of Layla and a collector of various precious and historically significant items.

Marc gives control briefly to Steven to figure out the pieces but are soon interrupted by Mogart who doesn't trust them and then Harrow who causes a fight to break out. Somehow they get the bits and pieces of the map and escape and later Steven fixes the map to find it is the geography of the stars on the day of Ammit's burial. Khonshu bidding a farewell to Marc and Steven after instructing them to free him from his stone Shabti, helps Mr Knight turn the sky back to the day Ammit was buried.

Khonshu is stored in the stone Shabti by the gods but still they get the location of Ammit's tomb.

The episode was mostly around Marc as he was in control most of the time, Steven comes in for brief but important moments. We are also soon to be introduced to Jake as during the episode there were a series of killings which both Steven and Marc refused to have a hand in, indicating that we'll have Jake in too.

The most beautiful part of the episode was where Mr Knight and Khonshu turned around the sky thousands of years back. It truly was a cinematographic masterpiece and really was beautiful.

Cool visuals, a bit of backstory, and a further fleshing out of Ennead helped Moon Knight pop in all the right ways and keep us craving for more.

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