MCU Incorrect Quotes That Are Hilarious

We’ve handpicked hilarious incorrect quotes from and here they are:-

Credit to @funnyincorrectmcu on tumblr.

We all adore Spiderson and Irondad with all our hearts. This quote, not only hilarious, albeit dark, but is also very accurate.

Credit to @funnyincorrectmcu on tumblr.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a low key hilarious show that all of us enjoyed. The dynamic of Captain America and White Wolf is painfully underrated and this quote portrays the duo flawlessly.

Credit to @incorrectmarvels on tumblr

The Odinson Brother Duo had a very sad ending when Thanos killed Loki at the start of Infinity War. We were deprived of the coolest and the most humorous dynamic of MCU. But, if Loki was still alive (he is in another dimension but Thor doesn’t know that), they would’ve been the most savage duo.

Credit to @wtfmarvel on tumblr.

Now, we all know that Stephen must’ve been exhausted. Just think about how Stephen’s face would’ve dropped when Loki and Wanda told him that they had messed with the timeline and now have started a whole multiverse. The picture portrays it quite accurately.

Credit to @funnyincorrectmcu on tumblr.

Pietro Maximoff had been gone before we could learn anything about him in Age of Ultron. We got a few crumbs of his life in WandaVision. The Maximoff siblings had a wonderful dynamic and loving relationship with both of them quipping at each other.

Now we know that the people on tumblr are very talented and are hilarious! Go check out these wonderful people’s tumblr blogs and enjoy a good laugh like we did. Stay tuned for another blog!

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