Marvel games part 1

Marvel has not only done splendid movies and shows but has also got some marvelous games to play checking out the best of them !! 1. Marvel's Wolverine

A marvelous game which is under development by Insomniac games for playStation 5. 2. Marvel PINBALL

Published by Zen Studios. An arcade game available on iOS and Android. Have fun choosing your favorite Marvel Heroes and villains to play this pinball game. 3. Marvel's Gaurdians of the Galaxy:The Telltale Series

This game got a very unique story of star lord, gamora, drax, rocket, and groot who finds an unspeakable power in a battle. Published by Teltale and available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows PC

4. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

The game got a great cinematic story mode that makes them fight against powerful forces. Also got many mode like single player, multi player and many others.published by Capcom and available on Xbox One,Playstation 4,Windows PC.

5. Marvel Stike Force

Marvel here introduced a new concept od superheros and supervillains to workside by side to battle against the biggest supervillain ultimus.Published by FoxNext Game and available on IOS and Android.

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