Holi as we all know is a festival of colors and joy. In India, it is celebrated with lots of love, fun, and colors. People from all corners of the country rejoice in the happiness and positivity

that this festival sends us. It comes at the end of the winter and marks the entry of the spring

Holi is celebrated with utmost happiness but why do we celebrate holi? As many people know the folktale of Prahlad already but being a country filled with a variety of cultures and traditions we have other folktales about holi too.

Prahlad - hiranyakashyap

The most common folktale about holi is the legend of Prahlad. Prahlad was the son of the demon king hiranyakashyap who received the power of immorality from God Brahma. With time his arrogance grew and he started to feel like a God himself. With this, he started demanding people to worship him instead of our Gods. But his own son Prahlad was a devotee of God vishnu. Seeing his own son disobey him, hriyanyakashyup ordered his sister Holika to sit on fire with his son. Holika was also gifted with the ability to not be damaged by fire however she did not know that the power works only when she’s alone and hence died. While God vishnu reincarnated himself and saved Prahlad and hence holi is celebrated

The lord shiv story

As we all know Lord shiv’s love towards Goddess sati. After her immolation, he nearly destroyed the world but kept the peace and went into deep meditation. After many years Sati took birth again as goddess Parvati. Parvati wanted to win lord shiv’s heart and wake him from his meditation so she took help from Kamdev, the god of love. Lord kamdev shot his love arrow on Lord vishnu and he was disturbed from his meditation which made him very angry and he reduced kamdev to ashes. But after getting in a peaceful composure he realized his mistake and gifted immortality to Lord kamdev.

Radha Krishna story

We all know at what stage holi is celebrated in mathura and vrindavan. There is a common folk tale about Goddess radha and Lord krishna in these places. When krishna was little he used to complain about his dark complexion to his mother and usually asked about why radha is so fair. One day his mother said in a fun way that he should color radha’s face to any color he want and hence holi is played very popular in mathura and vrindhavan

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