10 Funny Moments In Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel has always taken us on a ride with it’s action, thriller and plot. Also MARVEL never disappointed us in giving us comedic relief and hilarious scene. Now taking a look at some funniest scenes in MCU we got, 1) Loki in Thor ragnarok,

When Dr Strange made loki fall for like 30 minutes while talking to Thor. 2) Again from Thor Ragnarok,

In this scene, Thor and loki were trying to get on a ship to escape and made a hilarious plan to fight guards. 3) Ant Man and the wasp

The scene where we let our laughter loose cuz scott was stuck at his daughter’s school at a toddler’s height and was stuck in many obstacles 4) Infinity war

How can we forget when Tony made fun of Ebony maw calling and comparing him to suidward. 5)Infinity war

The scene of a witty humor when groot said his one and only dialogue and captain copied it and introduced himself as well 6) INFINITY WAR

when gamora and peter were talking about serious stuff and Drax was trying to be invisible. 7) Gaurdians of the Galaxy

When yondu asked groot to bring him his weapon but groot was confused about it so he was bringing back everything but it. YES! We all can agree groot is cute. 8) AVENGERS

We can’t stop laughing just like how hulk can’t stop smashing loki on the floor. 9) Thor the dark world

One of everyone’s favorite character loki, made us hold our bellies in his mockery of captain America as he shape shifts into different people. 10) Doctor strange

one of the wittiest dialogue exchange in mcu movies is when Kaecilius sees doctor strange and ask: "How long have you been at Kamar-Taj, Mister-?" "Doctor." "...Mister Doctor?" "It's Strange." "Maybe. Who am I to judge?" Apart from these, marvel is filled with witty and direct humor which is loved by it’s fans and are a core memory.

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