‘Moon Knight’ Star Oscar Isaac Teases a Love Triangle Involving 2 of His Characters

Moon Knight is dark, gritty, and unlike anything fans have seen before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, according to Oscar Isaac, who plays the titular role in Moon Knight, the series will also feature a bit of love. Unfortunately, the circumstances under which the romance occurs are less than ideal.

Oscar Isaac plays multiple characters in ‘Moon Knight’

Oscar Isaac starts off playing Steven Grant in Moon Knight. However, Steven soon learns that he has other identities living inside his mind. The character has dissociative identity disorder, and his other personalities include Marc Spector and Mr. Knight.

Isaac told USA Today that it was important that the series feel “experimental” and “quite true to the psychological horror of not knowing what’s happening and the slow revelations of the truth.”

The actor added, “It’s amazing that the brain has this survival mechanism, this way to cope. At a very young age, if you’re going through sustained horrible trauma and abuse, something that can happen in order for one to survive is the brain splits into an alternate personality that has no idea of what’s happening. Otherwise, you die because it’s just so awful. And that is its own incredible, kind of beautiful superpower.”

Oscar Isaac knew that it was vital that Moon Knight accurately portray the realities of dissociative identity disorder.

Oscar Isaac teases romance in ‘Moon Knight

Unfortunately for Steven and Marc, things get complicated when Layla El-Faouly enters, or re-enters, their lives in the series. During an interview with GamesRadar+, Oscar Isaac previewed his two characters and their relationship with Layla in Moon Knight.

“It was interesting because [director] Mohamed [Diab] and Sarah [Goher], his wife and creative partner, took the role of Layla and found a way to deepen it by making much stronger connections,” the actor shared. “So, for instance, the fact that you find out that Marc and her were married or are married.”

Isaac added, “The important thing that came out of all our conversations with Mohamed is creating a character with Steven that is desperate for connection and love but just doesn’t have the social skills for it. Because of the blackouts and because of his lack of history, that creates an introverted personality, and yet all he wants is to connect.”

“When Layla comes into his life and seems like the only person that can help him, his life suddenly starts to both fall apart and light up because he has someone, and she’s saying that they’re supposed to be married, but she’s mistaken him for someone else. Then on the other side is Marc, who is pushing everyone away, particularly Layla. And we come to find out that that’s because, in his mind, he’s trying to protect her.”

Isaac concluded, “There was that push and pull, and this budding romance that Steven has with her, and Marc, who is filled with regret and shame and just wants to push her away for her own safety.”

Based on Oscar Isaac’s comments, it sounds like Marc and Steven could find themselves in a love triangle with Layla in Moon Knight.

Who is Layla El-Faouly?

Oscar Isaac’s characters in Moon Knight have a rich history in Marvel comics. However, May Calamawy, who plays Layla, takes on a new role specifically made for the show.

“I felt so much pressure in the beginning,” Calamawy told ComicBook.com. “I was really intimidated because I genuinely didn’t know what would be the best direction for her. And I wanted to do justice to all the work that’s been done. Every character is so nuanced and rich, and I’m like, ‘How do I bring this? And what is gonna serve the story and Moon Knight?’ And also important for me to create a character who has her own arc, not just in service of the man.”

The actor continued, “And luckily, I had just incredible people that I was working with, and Layla took a village, I’ll say that. I worked so much with Mohammed Diab and his wife. Oscar and Ethan [Hawke] were so helpful. My stunt doubles were like, I needed them, you know, so we found her.”